Young Leaders

“Young Leaders” are 14-18 year olds who are part of the Leadership team of one of the younger sections in Scouting (Beavers, Cubs or Scouts). They help run activities and games and generally contribute to the success of the weekly meetings, outings and camps.

Young Leaders’ Scheme

The “Young Leaders’ Scheme” helps Young Leaders to gain a better understanding of their work with the younger sections, more confidence in a leadership role and hence greater enjoyment and benefit from being a Young Leader.

The Scheme comprises ten training “Modules”:

  • A) Prepare for take-off!
  • B) Taking the lead
  • C) That’s the way to do it!
  • D) Understanding behaviour
  • E) Game on!
  • F) Making Scouting accessible
  • G) Programme plans
  • H) Programme plans plus
  • I) What did they say?
  • K) First Aid

There are also four “Missions” for Young Leaders to complete as part of the Scheme:

  1. To run a variety of games
  2. To plan and run an activity
  3. To take the section’s programme ideas to a programme planning meeting
  4. To take responsibility for organising and running part of a Section programme

All of the training is worthwhile and fun.

Module A is compulsory for all Young Leaders (as it provides vital information on the Purpose and Method of Scouting, Child Protection, Risk Assessment, etc.).

All other Modules are optional. Modules A to I last for two hours and are free of charge – we normally run these on Sunday afternoons. Module K is a one day First Response course (for which there is a modest charge).